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Organize your gif file. You will need at least 3 floppy disks. LABEL these immediately!
*****Gifs (graphics; pictures; clip art)
*****HTML (back up your web page)
If you keep your disks organized, it makes the searching for ‘just the right’ graphic much easier. Keep them close by and any time you are surfing and see a really neat graphic, pop in the right disk and save the image.

Save your gifs to a floppy disk.
*****Place cursor on gif you want to save.
*****Right click on mouse
*****Click ‘Save Image As’.
*****Right click on mouse.
*****A window should pop up. Save the image in your floppy disk drive (usually a:)
*****You have just downloaded an image.
This stores your images for future use on your web page. You will upload the images from your floppy disk drive to your web page through your page editor. I will not try to explain that process here as different editors work in different ways. Once you get started, if you have trouble with this process, let me know. Grizz Dozier, HTML 4 ROOKIES, helped me!

Can you directly link to graphics?
*****This will work but don't do it!. This causes unnecessary transfer and access time on servers and the servers slow down.

Study some of the HTML tutorials. Practice a little bit!
*****On tool bar, click ‘View’ and ‘Page Source’ to see behind the scenes of web pages. This allows you to view the HTML of that page. You will learn a lot doing this!

Do you need a special software program to build a web page?
*****No. You can create your page using the page editor and your word processor. Everything you see on this page has been written on my word processor and copied and pasted to the page editor!

Decide upon a theme or purpose for your web page.
*****Study other pages

Choose a web page editor.
*****You may want to register with more than one. Some are easier than others. Plus you can work in both. This allows you to really experiment. You can copy and paste from one to another.

*****The color code is made up of three 2-digit codes with each 2 digit code representing the amount of red, blue or green that makes up the color. The digits are not base 10 numbers which make them look strange to most people. They are actually hexidecimal or base 16. So 10 in hexidecimal is 16 in base 10. A color that starts with 00 has no red and a color that ends in 00 has no blue. A color that starts with FF has full red and a color with FF as its middle pair of digits has full green.
*****Do we need to know all this? NO! How much do you understand about television? I only need to know how to turn it off/on and all I need to know about color is the color code #00FF00 is the code for blue, etc., etc. Colors! And More Colors!

"Copying" HTML
*****Go to any web page (it's better if it is one with something on it that you like and you want to know, "How dey do dat?")
*****On your tool bar, click "View". Scroll down and click "Page Source".
*****You are now 'behind' the web page and viewing the HTML code that built that page! (Believe it or not, I was writing this stuff down with a pencil and then typing it into my page editor - a lengthy process - but I was learning about HTML.) Then, by accident, I discovered what most of you already know:
*****Using your mouse, position the cursor at the beginning of what you want to copy. Highlight just like you do when you are highlighting anything, by dragging your cursor. You will notice, there is no tool bar at the top of the HTML page but:
*****After you have highlighted, press the Control key. Hold down Control and hit the "c" key (Control+C tells your computer to "copy").
*****Go back to your web page editor or your word processor and paste (using “Edit” on your tool bar which is now showing) what you have copied into your web page editor or your word processor. Then edit it using your own words, gifs, etc. (For example, I did not know how to make the little indexes at the bottom of my pages, so I found one I wanted on someone else's page, copied it to my word processor, changed the words and color to what I wanted and copied to my page editor index.html file. It's very easy.)

Print these directions, digest them! If I have written each step correctly, it should work. If you have problems with this, don't suffer, let me know!

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Last Updated July 22, 1999